How does FAN slate speakers and topics?

FAN leadership works in close consultation with school administrators, nonprofit leaders, clinicians, and community members to explore potential speaker and relevant topics. We solicit recommendations from our speakers, our audience members, and our professional colleagues. FAN is fortunate to have a board, staff, and Liaison Council that are filled with avid readers and learners who generously offer wise counsel. We work closely with our bookseller, The Book Stall, to schedule speakers on book tours. We also receive solicitations from experts from around the country who wish to be considered for a FAN event.

Our topics and speakers are curated with a focus on messages that are open, ethical, inspirational, and constructive.

If you have a topic or speaker suggestion, please fill out the contact form — we value your input!


Free and open to the public?

“Free and open to the public” is not a slogan. It’s a guiding principle for a society defined by compassion and inclusion.

We want knowledge to be accessible as possible to as many people as possible.


Does FAN earn money from book sales at its events? Where can I get an autographed book?

No, FAN does not collect revenue from book sales. The Book Stall is our exclusive bookseller, and as an independent book store, they operate on thin margins. We are honored to support them, and are grateful for their help in booking authors and managing book sales.

The Book Stall’s Winnetka store has a special display of FAN books, and sometimes they have a few signed copies left over from our events.

Is FAN program content suitable for children?

FAN programs are typically suitable for youth ages 12+. We always indicate an age guideline on our flyers.

Are FAN events recorded?

Most of our events are recorded — check out the “Video” page on our website, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates whenever we post a new recording.

Every so often a speaker asks that we not record the event, and we always comply.

How soon are FAN recordings posted on your website and YouTube channel?

Typically within 72 hours after the event. Please note that not all programs are recorded, unfortunately.

How can my family/school/organization/company sponsor FAN?

Easy! Please email FAN Executive Director Lonnie Stonitsch at — she will be pleased to discuss the various partnership options available.

My school/organization/company needs a speaker. Can FAN help us find one? Can FAN help us plan a program?

FAN is pleased to leverage its resources for the benefit of its member schools, organizations, and corporations. We can identify topics and speakers, and offer counsel on fees, event logistics, and promotion. Contact FAN Executive Director Lonnie Stonitsch to learn more:

What is the purpose of FAN's Liaison Council, and what is the role of a Liaison?

FAN’s Liaison Council (LC) is a large group of representatives from the schools, non-profits, and corporations that contribute financially to FAN’s work.

The LC meets monthly, September through May, to preview upcoming FAN events and to explore best practices for promoting FAN programming within their various communities (school, professional, civic, and personal).

Liaisons promote FAN events within their various networks using best practices.

Liaisons work to deepen the connections between FAN and its sponsors by leveraging FAN’s many resources.