Alberta Arthurs, Ph.D.

Alberta Arthurs, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow of the John Brademas Center of New York University

Alberta Arthurs, Ph.D. is the co-editor, with Michael F. DiNiscia, of Are the Arts Essential? She is a Senior Fellow of the John Brademas Center of New York University. As a consultant and commentator, she is active in culture, philanthropy, and higher education. She was the long-time Director for Arts and Humanities at the Rockefeller Foundation, and earlier served as President of Chatham College.

Previously, Dr. Arthurs served as Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Acting Dean of Freshmen at Harvard College and Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Women’s Education at Radcliffe College. She has taught English at Harvard and has taught and held administrative positions at Rutgers University and Tufts University.

She has written and published extensively, including as co-editor of Crossroads: Arts and Religion in American Life.

Dr. Arthurs serves on numerous non-profit boards and advisory committees including the League of American Orchestras, Tribeca Film Institute, Philanthropy Committee of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Salzburg Global Seminar, and the Century Association.

Her recent consulting clients include J.P. Morgan Chase, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, and the AG Foundation, among others.