Barks, Moos, Squeaks, and Coos: Writing from an Animal’s Point of View
Date and Time:
Jul 21 2021 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
The Book Stall, 811 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL 60093

Carolyn Crimi, PJ Gardner, and Rina Heisel

Barks, Moos, Squeaks, and Coos: Writing from an Animal’s Point of View

Community Event

Attention Kid-Lit fans! On Wednesday, July 21st at 6:30 PM, The Book Stall presents three middle grade authors: Carolyn Crimi (Secondhand Dogs) PJ Gardner (Horace & Bunwinkle) and Rina Heisel (Journey Beyond the Burrow) discussing the challenges, strategies, and joys of writing books with animal protagonists. You’ll have a chance to ask our guests some questions, too! This free virtual program is geared to kids who love to read stories about animals, and the adults who are attempting to write them.

**Buy any or all of the three books discussed–The Book Stall is donating 20% of the proceeds from our guest authors’ titles to the Humane Society during the month of July!

Kirkus Reviews says of Carolyn Crimi’s new novel Secondhand Dogs, “Pervading themes of bullying, leadership, loyalty, and family–among humans and canines alike–raise important issues, while the comic-style illustrations feature character cameos and highlight key scenes. A sensitive, satisfying, and intriguing canine tale.”

In Horace & Bunwinkle, by PJ Gardner, Horace Homer Higgins III moves to a farm called the Homestead, and the highly anxious Boston Terrier is forced to adapt. As if that isn’t enough to strain Horace’s nerves, his person, Ellie, adopts a perpetually cheerful potbellied pig named Bunwinkle to be his baby sister. Bunwinkle is delighted to be on the farm despite the stuffy demeanor of her new canine brother. She’s sure she’ll crack his shell eventually–no one can resist her cuteness for long.

Rina Heisel’s Journey Beyond the Burrow features a young mouse named Tobin, whose baby brother has been snatched from his burrow by monstrous spiders. Tobin and his friends must embark on a dangerous journey deep into their forest home to save him, encountering new friends along the way.
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