Ethical Decision Making as a Psychodynamic Process
Date and Time:
Jun 21 2024 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Cate Desjardins, Ph.D.

Ethical Decision Making as a Psychodynamic Process

Community Event

Ethical dilemmas in clinical practice rarely have one “right” way through them. There are often several possible courses of action available that could be conceived of as ethical. Further, psycho- dynamically-oriented clinicians need also consider unconscious meanings and motivations that may be involved. In this mini-course, we approach ethical decision making as a psychodynamic process that can be effectively navigated through deepening specific capacities that are central to our clinical approach. These include reflexivity, consultation, empathy (Kohut, 1981), and “radical openness” (Hart, 2014). Through discussion of ethical dilemmas that arose in real life cases, we will collaboratively exercise those capacities, allowing us to gain insight into how our personal ethical commitments influence our clinical decision making, as well as to consider other perspectives on the same material. This is a discussion-focused course; some advance reading will be required to facilitate full participation.