Evanston Art Center Presents “Of Portals And Pathways II: Fiscal Frontiers”
Date and Time:
Feb 19 2023 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Evanston Art Center
1717 Central St., Evanston, IL 60201

Evanston Art Center Presents “Of Portals And Pathways II: Fiscal Frontiers”

Community Event


OPENING RECEPTION: February 19, from 1–4 pm, featuring an artist talk at 3pm
EXHIBITION DATES: February 19 – March 26, 2023
GALLERY HOURS: Monday–Thursday, 9 am–6 pm; Friday, 9 am–5 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9 am–4 pm

The Evanston Art Center (EAC) is proud to present a new exhibition, “Of Portals and Pathways II: Fiscal Frontiers,” featuring works by Shonna Pryor.

Shonna Pryor is a conceptual artist, art programs producer, and an educator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her interdisciplinary art practice is inspired by references to food theory and its peripheral objects and concepts as a lens through which to critically engage the politics of identity, memory, power, and play. Afrofuturist aesthetic underscores the visual language of these expressions with an affinity towards reclaimed materials that contribute their own history and iconography. Pryor’s work has been exhibited in major cities such as Chicago, Detroit and New York, with esteemed artist residencies at Hyde Park Art Center; High Concept Labs; and Chicago Council on Science and Technology, respectively. Her community engagement and outreach collaborations with established organizations and institutions have been instrumental in employing visual art to encourage young people towards S.T.E.A.M. futures, as applied to a just and equitable society.


I think of my found objects as reclaimed testimonials with previous lives. In their studio re-awakenings, these object griots become story catalysts, fundamentally engaging food-referencing concepts as a way-to-the-heart-through-the-belly of identity, memory, power and play…the food brings you to the meeting but the agency makes you stay. My creative practice aspires toward nourishing pathways that generate questions, broaden perspectives, and inspire action-to-positive-change both personally, as well as within broader social frameworks. It imagines the spirit of sentient webs of underground railroads linking the past/present/future of my ancestral collective conscious. These ideas, as serviced by select multidisciplinary media and making become conduits that toggle between the immediacy of the actual and the possibilities of the speculative…with a dash of Oshunna’s cayenne. 😉

The exhibition aligns with Black History Month, including a nod to the city of Evanston as the first to advance reparations to qualified descendants of enslaved black Americans.

“Of Portals and Pathways II: Fiscal Frontiers” will be on display in the Evanston Art Center’s Main Second Floor Gallery + Atrium from February 18 – March 26, 2023, with an opening reception on Sunday, February 19, from 1-4pm. The opening reception will also feature an artist talk with Shonna Pryor beginning at 3pm. The exhibition, opening reception and artist talk are free and open to the public.

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