Prolonged Grief Disorder: A Conversation on Diagnosis & Treatment
Date and Time:
Apr 17 2024 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Megan Humphreys, Psy.D., Senior Primary Therapist, Trauma Program, Northbrook

Prolonged Grief Disorder: A Conversation on Diagnosis & Treatment

Community Event

We invite you to join Compass Health Center for a free 1 CE credit webinar, designed to provide insights into Prolonged Grief Disorder, one of DSM-5-TR’s new diagnoses. The experience of loss is nearly universal, making grief and mourning touchstones of the human condition. This CE will provide a comprehensive review using didactic case examples, exploring the history of grief-related diagnoses, key symptoms, and various treatment approaches.


-Participants will learn how to define and discuss the diagnosis of Prolonged Grief Disorder.
-Participants will learn how to describe risk factors and outcomes that delineate this diagnosis from a normative experience of grief.
-Participants will learn how to identify key elements of the differential diagnosis as it relates to disorders with shared symptoms or traumatogenic etiology.
-Participants will learn evidence-based and culturally-informed treatment protocols for clients with Prolonged Grief Disorder.