Why Kids do Unkind Things and What to Do About It with Molly Pope
Date and Time:
Mar 7 2024 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Molly Pope, EdS, I/ECMH-C

Why Kids do Unkind Things and What to Do About It with Molly Pope

Community Event

From pushing over a baby brother to pulling a friend out of their favorite chair, children often act without thinking (and before you can get there to stop them!) You’ve told them no and tried appealing to their empathy, but nothing helps. You’re up at night, worrying that your kid has a mean streak or that someone will really get hurt next time.

Where does this behavior come from and how do you teach them it’s not okay? Rather than seeing it as a character defect or your child being “mean on purpose,” remember: young children act on big feelings with little impulse control. Feelings like jealousy, anxiety, and disconnectedness can overwhelm a young child. They need an adult to help organize their feelings and “see” them in their overwhelm, while being in charge in a kind way. We can provide boundaries while maintaining empathy for their developing brains and bodies.

Come learn how to respond from a place of confidence rather than fear or embarrassment, and to let your children’s behavior guide you in meeting their needs. Register Here

Presenter: Molly Pope, EdS, I/ECMH-C, is an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant specializing in supporting children, families, and classrooms. She has worked with young children and families as a school psychologist for 17 years. She strongly believes that for children to learn and thrive, they first need to feel safe, seen, and secure. Knowing that nobody’s perfect and it’s never too late to start, she works with adults to help children successfully manage emotions and build their self esteem. Molly lives in Evanston with her husband, 2 sons, 3 cats and 1 lizard. Find her at mollypopeparentcoach.com.

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