You Marvelous, Multipart You: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems
Date and Time:
Mar 7 2023 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Note: Event start time is Central Time (CT).


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Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Creator of the Internal Family Systems therapeutic model and author of five books

Deran Young, LCSW

Licensed therapist and founder of Black Therapists Rock

You Marvelous, Multipart You: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems

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BONUS AFTER-HOURS EVENT: Attendees who purchase a copy of the new edition of Introduction to Internal Family Systems from FAN’s partner bookseller The Book Stall are invited to attend an AFTER-HOURS event hosted by Schwartz that will start immediately after the webinar. Details on the webinar registration page.

Self-talk, self-doubt, and self-judgment all simultaneously shape our relationships with our own bodies and minds. Yet despite the multitude of functions our minds perform, we regard them simply as one entity. Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D., the creator of Internal Family Systems (IFS), breaks ground when he suggests that we address and name these separate parts of the brain, and in doing so, allow ourselves to understand, respect, and balance them.

Over the past two decades, IFS has transformed the practice of psychotherapy. With a new revision of his classic Introduction to Internal Family Systems, Schwartz presents the ideal guide to help anyone understand this empowering, effective, and non-pathologizing approach to self-discovery and healing. He is the founder of the IFS Institute and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and was formerly an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and later at Northwestern University.

Schwartz will be in conversation with Deran Young, LCSW, a licensed therapist specializing in racial trauma and legacy burdens. Ms. Young contributed an essay to the New York Times bestseller You Are Your Best Thing, is a retired military officer, and is the founder of Black Therapists Rock. Black Therapists Rock is a nonprofit organization with a network of over 30,000 mental health professionals committed to reducing the psychological impact of systemic oppression and intergenerational trauma.

This event suitable for youth 12+. It will be recorded and available on our website and YouTube channel.