Fostering Healthy Screen Habits for Children & Adolescents
Date and Time:
Mar 12 2024 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

-Anna Finis, Psy.D., Director, Child Program, Chicago and Sarah Pritz Shields, M.Ed., Director of Partnership Success

Fostering Healthy Screen Habits for Children & Adolescents

Community Event

In our increasingly digital age, screen dependence is becoming a growing concern. We invite you to join us for a free, 1.5 Credit CE, designed to provide crucial insights into this modern-day issue with our under 18 population. This CE will be a comprehensive session that will delve into key signs that indicate problematic screen use, explore why screens are so captivating, and offer practical strategies to help you and your children cultivate a healthier screen use approach. By participating, you will be better equipped to navigate the digital landscape with your children. Together, let’s understand and address screen dependence to create a balanced, healthier digital environment.

Key Takeaways
-Participants will learn why screens can be so stimulating and addictive for most who use them.
-Participants will learn signs and symptoms to look out for that may indicate a child or adolescent is overly reliant on screens, as well indicators that screens may be impacting a child/adolescent’s overall health and wellbeing.
-Participants will learn various coping skills and interventions targeted at helping children & teens find balance in their screen use as well as tools and strategies to help manage behavioral or emotional dysregulation as a result of screen removal.
-Participants will learn ways that adults/caregivers can set limits at home around screens and model health screen habits themselves.

-Anna Finis, Psy.D., Director, Child Program, Compass Health Center, Chicago
-Sarah Pritz Shields, M.Ed., Director of Partnership Success, Compass Health Center


*Please note, the following are eligible to receive 1.5 CE Credits for this event:
-Illinois Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs)
-Illinois Licensed Social Workers (LSW)
-Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
-Illinois Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)
-Illinois Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC)