The Money Talk: Teaching Youth About Work, Debt, Savings, and the Giving Spirit
Date and Time:
Feb 15 2017 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
New Trier High School, Northfield Campus, Cornog Auditorium
7 Happ Rd., Northfield, IL 60093
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Beth Kobliner

The Money Talk: Teaching Youth About Work, Debt, Savings, and the Giving Spirit

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Sex. Drugs and alcohol. The benefits of whole grains. Parents these days are happy to talk to their kids about a range of tough subjects — except money. When it comes to the “financial facts of life,” most of us freeze up, run out of the room, or simply hope they don’t ask. Emotions run from terror to embarrassment when it comes to having the “money talk” with our kids, because we all have misgivings about our own money habits and financial skeletons in our closets.

But it’s best to begin educating on the principals of smart money management now: Studies show that by the age of three kids already grasp basic money concepts, and by age seven concrete habits that help kids manage money are already set. For this event, Family Action Network (FAN) presents personal finance expert and bestselling author Beth Kobliner, author of the new book Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not): A Parents’ Guide for Kids 3 to 23, and the New York Times bestseller Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties. Having conducted numerous interviews with parents and experts, Ms. Kobliner will address questions and concerns with sound, sage advice delivered in a fun, relatable manner. In her new book, she combines 30 years of personal finance journalism and policy experience with the latest research in behavioral economics and social psychology. She’ll offer great advice about how to instill good habits like a strong work ethic, the ability to exert self-control and to weigh our choices carefully, the perseverance to work toward distant goals, and a charitable spirit.