Uprising: An After-School Discussion with Jennifer Nielsen
Date and Time:
Mar 6 2024 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
The Book Stall
811 Elm St., Winnetka, IL 60093

Jennifer Nielsen

Uprising: An After-School Discussion with Jennifer Nielsen

Community Event

The Book Stall is excited to welcome bestselling author Jennifer Nielsen to the store on Wednesday, March 6 at 4:30 pm for an after-school program featuring her new middle-grade novel, Uprising! The New York Times bestselling author of Iceberg inspires readers with a thriller based on the remarkable true story of a young Polish girl who bravely participated in the Warsaw city uprising and took a stand in the name of freedom. Uprising educates just as much as it excites and is a must-have for all middle-grade historical fiction collections. This discussion is perfect for kids ages 8 to 12.

This event is free with registration. To register, please visit our website or CLICK HERE.

More About the Book: Twelve-year-old Lidia is outside her grandfather’s house when planes fly overhead, bearing the Nazi cross on each wing. Before the bombs hit the ground, Lidia realizes her life is about to change forever. Poland has fallen under German occupation, and her father makes the brave decision to join the Polish army to fight against the Nazis. Lidia wants to follow him into war, but she’s far too young, and she’s needed by her mother and brother.

After her family returns to Warsaw, where life has changed irrevocably, Lidia continues to play the piano, finding comfort in Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven. But she also wants to aid the Jewish people held captive in the Warsaw Ghetto. With the help of a friend, Lidia begins to smuggle wheat and food into the ghetto. Still, she feels like she could be doing so much more. She wants to fight. After her brother joins the resistance, Lidia decides to follow in his footsteps. Soon, she begins to work as a courier, smuggling weapons and messages for the resistance throughout the city.

When the Warsaw city uprising begins with gunfire and bombs echoing throughout the streets, Lidia joins the Polish nationalists’ fight, where she and her peers fight with everything they’ve got. Life will continue to surprise Lidia, as she and the resistance fighters do their best to defeat the German soldiers. No matter the consequences, they’re willing to defend their freedom and their homes from the Nazi invaders, even with their lives.

More About the Author: Jennifer Nielsen is the acclaimed author of the New York Times bestselling Ascendance series. She also wrote the New York Times bestseller The Traitor’s Game and its sequels The Deceiver’s Heart and The Warrior’s Curse; the New York Times bestselling Mark of the Thief trilogy; the stand-alone fantasy The Scourge; and the critically acclaimed historical thrillers A Night Divided, Resistance, Words on Fire, Rescue, Lines of Courage, and the instant #1 New York Times bestseller Iceberg. She lives in northern Utah with her family. Visit her online at jennielsen.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @nielsenwriter.