Virtual Talking to Children about Race and Racism
Date and Time:
Oct 7 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Zoom--Registration required

Lauren Bondy, LCSW and Dr. Jean Robbins

Virtual Talking to Children about Race and Racism

Community Event

Dr. Jean Robbins and Lauren Bondy, LCSW, will discuss the why’s and how’s of starting conversations about race, social justice and equity that kids will understand and even enjoy.

Are you struggling to discuss race with your children in a way they will understand? Are you committed to raising your child to be anti-racist but don’t know where to start? The heightened racial tensions and violence of the past year have been challenging for parents regardless of their race or ethnicity. What do our children need from us to become caring citizens and leaders in a just society?

Join Dr. Jean Robbins and Lauren Bondy, LCSW as they explore ways to promote conversation with your children about racism, injustice, racial identity, and equity. We are committed to an authentic and respectful conversation about this topic while acknowledging the potential awkwardness or discomfort. We welcome you for an open and honest discussion in a non-judgmental environment. There’s no right or wrong way to talk about these issues other than to avoid them altogether – so please, come as you are.

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