Eight Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success (Event 2 of 2)
Date and Time:
Oct 11 2023 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
North Shore Country Day School Auditorium
310 Green Bay Rd., Winnetka, IL 60093


Note: Event start time is Central Time (CT).

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Michelle Icard

Speaker, educator, and author

Caitlin McLennan

Assistant Head of Lower School at North Shore Country Day in Winnetka, Illinois

Eight Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success (Event 2 of 2)

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BONUS BOOK GIVEAWAY of Eight Setbacks at the event, while supplies last. Book sale and signing, too. No registration required.

Every child messes up, sometimes in ways that seem sure to wreck their futures: a bad report card, poor sportsmanship, underaged drinking. These are tough moments for parent and child alike, often complicated by the fear that the misstep is also an indictment of our parenting. But what each of these “fails” has in common for our kids is the precious silver lining of a chance for character building and developing more grit—if we help them process their mistake well.

An invaluable playbook for anxious parents everywhere, Eight Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success by parenting expert Michelle Icard (FAN ’22), offers specific and unexpected advice about what to say, what not to say, and what to do to help children in eight categories of tense situations. Distilled from Icard’s decades of experience working with tweens, teenagers, and families, she underscores that there is always a chance for a child gain new and stronger decision-making skills, and for the parent-child relationship to strengthen.

Icard is the author of Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen (2021) and Middle School Makeover (2014). She has a degree in education and has worked with parents, children, and teachers for more than 20 years. A writer for the Today show parenting team, NBC News LearnCNN Science and Wellness, and the Washington Post, Icard’s work has also been featured in the Chicago TribuneChristian Science MonitorRedbookTime, and People.

Icard will be in conversation with Caitlin McLennan, Assistant Head of Lower School at North Shore Country Day in Winnetka, IL. McLennan is involved in all aspects of the lower school, including recruitment and retention of faculty, daily operations of the school, admissions work, professional development for faculty, and curriculum analysis and development.

This event is suitable for youth 12+. It will be recorded but not live streamed and will be available on FAN’s website and YouTube channel.

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