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Jennifer Siebel Newsom Feb 9 2015

Filmmaker, Advocate, and Non-profit Founder, The Representation Project

The Mask You Live In

William Deresiewicz, Ph.D. Nov 4 2014

Bestselling Author, The New York Times, Critic and College Speaker

Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life

Andrew Solomon, Ph.D. Oct 20 2015

Best-selling author; professor of clinical psychology, Columbia University Medical Center; former president of PEN America.

An Evening with Andrew Solomon

Isabel Wilkerson Nov 16 2015

Author and Pulitzer Prize Winner for her work as Chicago Bureau Chief for The New York Times

Our Racial Moment of Truth

Pedro Noguera, Ph.D. Apr 17 2017

Distinguished Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences, UCLA

Education for a Changing Society

Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D. May 12 2017

Foundation Professor in the Behavioral Analysis Program Department of Psychology, University of Nevada

Why Psychological Flexibility Matters to Clients, Practitioners, and to their Relationship